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Fast Start Bonus

Earn 10% for each referral who purchases on of our matrix subscriptions.

Fast Filling Matrix

Our advertising platform rewards our members in the form of a 2x18 forced matrix. Fill your matrix easily with both your renewals and your referrals renewals.

Unique Renewal Placement

Your first position will follow your sponsor. Every position you purchase with your subscription will follow your original position, helping both you, your sponsor and referrals fill their matrix.

Half Match Bonus

With each referral you will earn 50% of anything they earn in their 2x18 matrix. We call this Half Match. Earn 50% of all earnings generated by your direct referrals.

Easy PIF Feature

Easy PIF feature to pay it forward to any of your referrals. Earn the Fast start bonus instantly when you pay it forward plus the half match on any of their matrix earnings.

Fast Withdrawals

Get your withdrawals processed quickly. Our system genrates withdrawals in order they are placed and processes all of them within a few hours.

How Does MyTRXDaily Work?

It's Simple! You will receive your first position under your sponsor. Then each position afterwards you purchase with your subscription will fall under your top position. All subs will give you 100 positions that renew every 3rd day.

  • This allows you to build both your matrix as well as your referrals matrix with your one purchase.
  • This creates spillover over for your downline as well as your referrals subscription creates spillover for you.
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Get started with MyTRXDaily by purchasing one of two or both Ad Packs:
Option 1: Cost 250 TRX per Subscription

2x18 Compensation Plan

First position follows your sponsor. All other positions follow your top position.

Option 2: Cost 125 TRX per Position

Option 3: Cost 10 TRX per Position

MTD 2x1 System

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Frequently Asked questions

  • What is MyTRXDaily?

    MyTRXDaily is an advertising platform that rewards our members in the form of a 2x18 matrix.

  • What do I receive for my 250 Trx purchase?

    You will receive 10 login ads, 10 text ads, 10 468x60 banner ads and 10 125x125 banner ads every time your subscription renews which is every 3rd day.

  • Can I earn without referrals?

    Yes and no. Once you purchase the MTD membership you can earn from sponsoring or spillovers for the entire matrix. Please understand spillover is not guaranteed. The basis of earning with MTD is referring 2 pro/upgraded members who do the same.

  • What payments do you accept?

    We accept Tron as our major crypto currency. All values in our system are based in TRX.. All transactions will be processed through our Tron Smart Contract. You will need a tronlink wallet to send your deposits. All withdrawals are paid in TRX.

  • What are the Deposit and Withdrawal Fees?

    We charge a 5% deposit fee. This is effective on all deposits, so be sure to pay attention to your deposit screen. We will assess a 5 Tron fee on all withdrawals. This helps with admin fees such as system maintenance and server fees.

  • How does the free position work?

    When you signup with MyTRXDaily you will receive your first matrix position free after you join. You will earn in the matrix just as you would if you deposited. If you do not purchase a subscription/position within 60 days, your account will be deleted for inactivity. Before you can withdrawal, you must have an active deposit and subscription.

  • Is there a repurchase rule?

    Yes, there is a repurchase rule. All matrix commissions are subject to a 10% repurchase rule to help sustain your subscription.

  • What is PIF and Global PIF?

    PIF stands for pay it forward. Any member who has upgraded may PIF to their personal referrals. You may do this for either the 2x18 or the 2x2. The Global PIF is where a member can PIF to a member who has been free for 14 days. This wlll allow a member to purchase a referral who hasn't upgraded or been PIFed by their sponsor in 14 days. This will launch later in our program after we have a good pool of people to allow global pif.

  • What do I receive for my 125 Trx Feeder purchase?

    You will receive 100 468 and 125 banner ads, 100 text ads and 25 login ads.

  • Can I purchase more than 1 subscription?

    Yes, we actually encourage all of our members to purchase 1 new subscription each day for 3 days so you will have a new position each day. You may also purchase additional feeder positions, but is not enocouraged as you will get a new feeder matrix when you cycle.

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